Air Bnb property management specialists!
Air Bnb property management specialists!
Air Bnb property management specialists!

About us


Founder of Bnb Escapes

We maximise returns through short term rentals!

We will evaluate your property and help you transform your rental property to maximise your returns.

Our professional photographer will ensure that your property has high quality photos, as they are important to achieve immediate bookings once your property is listed!

Property Set Up
We will complete every step of the set up process for you and maintain your property to a 5 star standard!

List your property and start earning
A committed property manager will look after the day to day running of your listing. You will achieve the best possible returns on your investment property through high quality guest bookings!

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What we do


We lease your investment property long term and host short-term stays via AirBnB.

We impose strict conditions for those people who wish to stay.


Your property is professionally cleaned after every stay.

Why choose us

Your property will be professionally maintained

Rent paid on time

No more agent fees

No parties allowed

For further information, please call!


If you have any doubts, please see facts below.

Manage an Air Bnb portfolio through property owners and agents.

Many different types of properties, such as – Apartments, Houses, Granny Flats and caravans. Most of the properties are located close to the CBD in cities and tourist destinations around Australia.

Due to the strict qualifying process and policy of no parties, pets and smoking, risks are reduced, although, in the unlikely event that an accident does occur, Air Bnb have a policy of up to $1,000,000 to protect hosts.

All the properties that are listed are professionally cleaned after each booking, which will ensure that your property will be maintained to the highest standard. Maintenance will be completed in a timely manner, as the property needs to be in a great condition for incoming guests.

  • No management fees!
  • Rent paid on time, every time!
  • No advertising fees!

Presentation, quality of service to the guests and cleanliness of the units are fundamental for a good stay and offer an excellent experience for the guests.

Contact us via email or phone through the “Contact Us” page and we will be happy to answer any further questions you may have and to appraise your property to see if the property is suitable for us and to see if we are suitable for you.


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